Lata Berkoh is a refreshing and popular place to visit where cascading river rapids rolls over rock formations forms the centrepiece attraction over the forest backdrop. Many visitors stop here to take snapshots of themselves in front of the beautiful cascades or get their feet wet while sitting on the rocks. It may not be safe to swim here and you must follow your guide's advice on what you can or cannot do. The rocks can be slippery especially after a heavy rain when the water currents can be quite strong. There are visitors who sits at a rock below the down flowing water just like a jacuzzi bathtub but you will not be allowed to do so if the conditions are not safe especially after a heavy rain.
Much of the river water here comes from Mount Tahan (higest mountain in Wet Malaysia) which provides the source of the cascading water here. From Kuala Tahan, You can either use the trail to foot trek 8.5 KM north-east or take a boat ride there. Refer to the location map in this page.
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How To Get There
Trekking Or By Boat
One can choose to trek the trail without engaging a guide but engaging one do have its advantages. An experienced qualified guide can show and describe many of the flora and fauna that you may see or encounter along the trail. You are very lucky if you do see any small animals along the trail path such as the tapir, the kancil mousedeer because most animals do shy away from places where people tread. Along the trail path, there will be other paths that have signs that displays "Beyond this point, you should engage a guide" so all trekkers should NOT use those paths without a guide because of safety reasons.
Taman Negara Lata Berkoh Video
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