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The Kelah Fish Sanctuary is located near where the Tahan River meets with Tenor river at Lubuk Tenor and is about 7 KM away from the Wildlife Department headquarters at Kuala Tahan. Its situated between Lubuk Lesong and Lata Berkoh along the Tahan River. Lubuk is the Malay word for "deep part of the river".

Obviously, as its name already tells us, this area is protected by the Park wildlife authorities so fishing or hunting is NOT permitted here.

There is a sanctuary centre located at this site established here for fish research and conservation work.
The tranquil environment with the scenic forest as backdrop amidst the slightly golden waters is a sight to behold... and not forgetting, the schools of fish that you can see here. Among the species of fishes found here are the Kelah fish (Golden Mahseer) and the Empurau fish.

The Kelah fish is a popular culinary food for the locals here because of its sweet and tasty flesh, best done through steam cook. But the fishes here is off limits to your meal.
Here, you can feed the fishes by scattering food pellets on the water and watch the frenzy excitement as they quickly feed with lightning speed till the pellets are gone within a couple of seconds. You can purchase the pellets from the Centre there. The fishes here are used to human contact and interaction so you can also swim or wade in the water with the fishes swimming around so close that you can even touch them. Remember to bring suitable clothes and towel. Remember to bring suitable clothes and towel if you intend to dip yourself in the water.
Taman Negara Kelah Fish Sanctuary - Feeding Fishes
Price include government GST 6% tax.
At 0830 hrs : From Mariamman Building, No. 2 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur.
Visit Kelah Fish Sanctuary
& Lata Berkoh
RM 95
per person
(Minimum 2 Persons)
Boat journey starts from Kuala Tahan jetty, travel upstream to Lubuk Tenor by going upstream for about 15 minutes. A few minutes short trek to reach Kelah Sanctuary and then to Lata Berkoh Cascades.