Jungle Trekking
The park offers a network of clearly marked trekking trails which you can easily and safely foot trek the jungles of the tropical rainforest. While trekking, surround yourself with nature and enjoy the environment of the virgin jungle. You can see flora and fauna that are found along the trekking trail such as an army of ants carrying food along a path, monkeys, butterflies and small insects. Enjoy the view from a high point in Teresek Hill from where you can see at a distance, the highest mountain in West Malaysia, the Tahan Mountain.
Places To Visit Along The Trail
There are various attractions and interesting places to visit along the network of trails. Go up and walk the world's longest Canopy Walkway elevating you high up the trees. Enjoy the scenic golden waters of Lubok Simpon. Or go to the beautiful water cascades at Lata Berkoh and get yourself wet.
Among the more popular trekking trails from Kuala Tahan are...

Canopy Walkway & Lubok Simpon - 4 hour
Bukit Teresek & Bumbun Kumbang (Hide) - 4 hour
Lubok Simpon - 25 minutes
Lata Berkoh Waterfall Cascade - 5 Hour
Other Trekking Trails are Bukit Indah, Warisan Hill, Abai Waterfall & Putri Waterfall.
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Trekking Along Jungle Trails
Although there are signs along the trail path that shows you the location or directions, there are not many of them. Paths on the ground are clearly marked but sometimes can appear to vanish making it more harder to continue along the same path but you can still pick it up again.

Its important that you stay trekking within the regular trail paths and not deviate or move away to any unknown and unmarked virgin jungle areas. Anyone can get lost especially if you were to wander off trekking on any unknown paths or jungle areas. If you decide to trek on you own without the assistance from a qualified guide, do go in groups to give more confidence when faced with difficulties in finding the trail again. Also, there's safety in numbers. Of course you will most likely meet with many trekkers traversing the trail path.
The Trekking Trails
There are two clearly marked trail paths named as...
~ Keniam Trail
~ Tenor Trail
Observation Hides Along The Trail
Keniam Trail
Tahan Hide
Tabing Hide
Kumbang Hide
Tenor Trail
Cegar Anjing Hide
Belau Hide
Yong Hide
For more info on Observation Hides, Click Here
Quite a lot of trekkers love to use the Keniam Trail to trek up from Kuala Trenggan to Kuala Keniam. You can also ride a boat up to Kuala Keniam and then trek back to Kuala Trenggan.
Learning About Nature
Park Qualified Nature Guide
One can choose to trek the trail without engaging a guide but engaging one do have its advantages. An experienced qualified guide can show and describe many of the flora and fauna that you may see or encounter along the trail. You are very lucky if you do see any small animals along the trail path such as the tapir, the kancil mousedeer because most animals do shy away from places where people tread. Along the trail path, there will be other paths that have signs that displays "Beyond this point, you should engage a guide" so all trekkers should NOT use those paths without a guide because of safety reasons.
NOTE: Gua Telingga (Ear Cave) is located within the Tenor Trail (about 2.5 hour trek from Kuala Tahan). However, the Park management has recently closed all exploration inside this cave until further notice due to safety concerns. Please check at the Park Management office in Kuala Tahan for further information.
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